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Terms & Conditions


All prices listed are wholesale.

All prices subject to change without notice.

All orders are F.O.B., EXW


Opening order is €500.00 minimum. Re-orders are €250.00 minimum.  Orders under €250.00 will not be processed.

Specify required ship date and cancellation date.

To order by mail, fax or e-mail, include buyer’s name, company name, shipping and billing addresses, telephone number, VAT number and email address.  If we are unable to contact you for clarifications, it will delay your order.

Orders can and shall only create obligations on the part of VETUR BV provided that they are confirmed in writing by VETUR BV in the form of an order confirmation. If VETUR BV does not deliver a part of the order, for whatsoever reason, this does not give the customer any grounds for cancelling the full order.


Only payments through a deposit in VETUR BV’s bank account release the customer. Credit cards are accepted.

VETUR BV invoices must be paid in cash. Non-timely payment of invoices lawfully and without notice of default causes them to accrue interest of 1% per month, counting from the invoicing date. They are also increased by a fixed compensation payment of 10%, with the minimum set at 50 euro per invoice.

Possible granted discounts expire in the event of non-timely payment.

On placing an order the customer must pay a down payment of 20% within a period of 2 weeks after receipt of the order confirmation. The remaining amount should be paid 2 weeks before the dispatch.

VETUR BV does not refund received down payments.

An invoice shall be deemed irrevocably accepted if it is not challenged in writing with justifications included within 5 working days.

All shipment and packaging is always done at the customer’s expense and risk.

The statement of a delivery date is merely indicative and is not binding. Non-compliance cannot lead to any compensation and/or cancellation of the order. In the event of force majeure or non (timely) availability of the goods, VETUR BV reserves the right to send the goods later than the initially determined delivery date, subject to notifying the customer of this.

The goods remain at the property of VETUR BV until the invoice is paid in full.

VETUR BV reserves the right not to reserve the goods ordered by the customer if the customer does not fulfill the conditions of payment, including the payment of a down payment.

Christmas orders shall be shipped on 1st December at the latest. An earlier agreed delivery date can only be postponed by the customer provided that the ordered goods can be shipped from the VETUR BV warehouse on 1st December at the latest. A shipment date after 1st December can only be accepted subject to prior written agreement by VETUR BV.

Shortages and Damages

All claims for discrepancies and damages must be reported to our customer service department within 10 days upon receipt of shipment. 

If damages were caused in the case of product responsibility due to both a defect of the product and an error of the victim or a person for whom the victim is responsible, VETUR BV can only be held responsible for direct damage limited to the value of the sold items that have allegedly caused the damage.


All returns or refusals will be subject to a 25% restocking fee and freight charge.  No returns will be accepted without prior authorization.  All merchandise must be returned in original cartons.  

All products are for decorative use only unless otherwise noted.  Our products are made and colored by hand.  Therefore, there will be some variations in color, shape, and size.  Measurements shown in this website are taken from the longest lengths of the items: height (top to bottom) x length (side to side) x width (front to back). 

This wholesale catalog and all items within are copyrighted by VETUR BV, their licensees, or their manufacturers.  No item may be reproduced in any form without expressed written permission from VETUR BV